Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Session Info

So What Happens at These Shoots Anyway?

Many clients ask me what to expect at a session, so I'll lay it out for ya!

We will usually meet either an outdoor location in the early morning or late afternoon for best light, or in your home mid-morning for a more personal, intimate session. Expect to be with me for about 1 to 1-1/2 hours, during which we'll walk around and get shots along the way.

If I'm photographing children, I will spend some time getting to know them so they feel comfortable with me; I have two young kids of my own and I know they take some time to warm up, but it usually doesn't take long because I love to get down on their level and show them what I can do with my camera and ask them about their favorite things and what makes them laugh. Pretty soon, their true colors start to show and I can just start snapping away, while capturing their true essence. Of course, I will always guide and give direction; I understand having someone with a camera in your face isn't always the most natural thing, but my goal is to almost become unnoticed so you just start to interact. THAT'S when a shoot becomes heavenly.

What to Wear

The next question I usually get is, "What on earth do I wear??" I can't say that there's only one perfect color, or one perfect outfit for everyone, but I can tell give you a general idea and I can certainly tell you what NOT to wear.

I've heard some photographers say to consider your whole family as one big outfit--you don't want to match exactly, but you DO want to compliment one another. Different colors and textures are great among a group, with a general color scheme.

What to consider wearing:

  • Solid colors that flatter you; chocolate brown, black, white, jeans (colors are not limited to these only)--these are timeless and universally flattering for the most part. Since these are neutrals, consider adding something with a pop of color for visual a colorful scarf or fun hat. If you've ever seen TLC's What Not to Wear, Stacey and Clinton will always talk about pairing neutrals with texture, pattern and shine. This is a good rule to follow, but in light of that, consider the following:
What NOT to wear:
  • Stay away from huge logos (or any logo for that matter), distracting patterns (including bold stripes, which widen a torso, for example), and clothes that are so noticeable that you, the subject, go unnoticed. The idea is to ENHANCE who YOU are...
Basically, do you want me to photograph YOU, or your CLOTHES? This should help you make your decision in the end. And it never hurts to go through my gallery of pictures and pick out families who chose clothes that complimented each other and themselves. You'll get ideas and pick and choose to create your own look.

For little kids and babies, it's always fun to have accessories like hats, bows, headbands, etc, which are fun to throw in a couple of photos, but can always be removed if we decide they don't work.

Lastly, make sure that your hands and feet are presentable; you never know when there will be a barefoot shot, or your hand will be in a closeup, holding your newborn baby. Don't stress about minor blemishes or stray hairs--I will do my best to edit these. But please be aware that my style of photography is not super airbrushed because then, I feel like I wouldn't be capturing the real you.

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